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CASE STUDY: Executive and Team Coaching Site

Ace Coaching logos before

This client needed two websites merged into one for her business. However, we were starting with two very different color stories and logos that made it difficult to color up the new site and stay true to her branding. I came up with several solutions with minimal recoloring of her current logos while also modernizing her website and making it more ADA compliant and easier to navigate.

We started with some brand discovery and from there built out new logo concepts, a site map and a wireframe for the combined website. Blog content was combined, video content was organized and we added a news section for all the latest publishings and appearances my client was involved in. 

Ace Coaching Site wireframe
Ace Coaching Site wireframe
Ace Coaching 2 sites before update

We took a look at and revised all content on the site and added in Call to Actions and keywords for SEO. From there we added e-commerce features, a Google My Business page and SEO tags to all her site pages.

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