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About Our DIY Picnic Rentals

Picnic for Rent in the park

It started with a frustrating search for picnic set ups for a friend’s birthday. Expensive local options were not only pricey ($500 for a couple hours sitting on some pillows??) but were difficult to plan around for our not-always-punctual birthday girl. (Love you, Rachel!)

So with a creative spirit and a list of supplies, I pulled together a picnic of my own. Everyone loved it and the birthday girl thought we had paid one of the local businesses for the event! During the picnic, several people walking by asked if they could pay to rent the equipment for their events. With that, PB Picnic Pack was born.

We are an equipment rental company.

Most beach & picnic set-up companies offer set-up, pack-up and food and drink options. We will supply you with the pillows, blankets, tables and decor based on your selections, but the rest is up to you.

We rent out the equipment only once per day, so you will receive your clean, ready-to-use picnic supplies the morning of your event. We ask that you coordinate a drop off with us that day or the next, depending on availability of the supplies. 

If you need help setting up the picnic at a specific time, this can be arranged for an additional fee. We encourage our customers to embrace the ease and less wasteful impact of sharing equipment and, of course, taking care of it so that others can rent it.

Our Equipment

How DIY Works

We will drop off 2-3 bags of clean supplies, then you do the rest. Request the equipment you need below, or just ask for the Daytime Setup or Night Setup!

Set one drawing of picnic setup

Striped tassel blankets (2)

Gingham Blanket for Base

Folding table

Round Tassel Tablecloth

Customer reviews

This was such a hit! We are a group of picky eaters (and drinkers!) and it was easy to just bring our own and not pay extra for a fancy charcuterie board.



I loved this picnic! Beautiful, simple set up with folding table, pillow chairs and pretty lights for sunset! And we were able to hang out all afternoon and evening!



This set-up looks just as good as the more expensive options and doesn't require Splitwise to figure out all the payments. Would hire them again!


picnic packs for rent

We look forward to sharing our picnic supplies with you!

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